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This project is an exercise in developing and writing a business plan for a full service restaurant.  The substance of the document should be directed towards potential investors. The purpose of the exercise is for you to apply what you have learned in the class. Please ask for help. Check your work frequently with me.

1. Introduction:

You are planning to open a commercial table service restaurant. This operation is not connected to or based on any other business. The operation is open for lunch and dinner and serves food, beer, wine and liquor.

Please describe with as much detail as possible your facility. The description should accurately create a vision so that the reader can picture what the facility looks like, how it will operate and what customers you are targeting.

Be sure to include topics such as, the theme, ambiance, décor, location, clientele, site, service style, entertainment, hours of operation, number of seats and other services provided to the guest.

Some additional guidelines:

You do not have banquet facilities or meeting rooms of any kind. When presenting the number of seats we will exclude bar and waiting areas. This is to keep things simple.

Your restaurant must have a minimum of 175 seats and be open a minimum of 325 days.  Your total Revenue cannot exceed $2,500,000.


You are asked to find a menu from a restaurant that would be appropriate to what you are proposing in section 1.  The menu can be a copy or the real thing.  

Minimum five (5) pages not including the menu.

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