How do feel about your progress? , english essay help

How do feel about your progress? I feel great about my progress I feel that everything is coming along greatly right now because I’am maintaining A-B average and as the course become more challenging I will still work my hardest and do my very best on every assignment.

Do you feel that you are mastering the skills of academic writing? yes I feel that I’am mastering the skills because I’am passing all of my assignments.

How do you feel about your essay? I feel great about my essay because so far it was the most challenging one that I have had it required for me to do more and I like that because challenging yourself help gain new experiences.

Did you discover anything by going through the process of writing the essay? Yes I discovered that my writing process does change depending on which essay topic I’am doing.

Is there anything that you would like to share with your course mates? Hello everyone I would just like to say for me drafting is very important to a successful essay it always helps me out a lot best wishes to everyone.

Of course not all comparative exercises are successful do you feel that yours was? Yes I feel that mines was successful.

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