How Strategic Leadership is essential to strategy formulation and implementation, management homework help

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How Strategic Leadership is essential to strategy formulation and implementation

What I’ve personally experienced as a role leaders fill is the Monitor. Although the company I work for is large with a 1,300 store count there are not a lot of layers between the CEO, executive leadership team and those that report into them. It’s not uncommon for the CEO to sit in on a meeting or pop in to see what the team is working on. The Monitor role is referred to by Henry Mitzberg as “seeks information in order to debt changes, to identify problems and opportunities to build up knowledge about his milieu, to be informed when information must be disseminated and decisions made” (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008 p 32). I see the CEO taking in information and feedback at these meetings and most recently they have created a save to reinvent email address where all employees are welcomed to share their ideas.

The Skill Set of the Effective Strategic Leader

This section taught me a lot about how to become an effective leader and how to achieve it in each level. One thing that I personally am working on is level 3 “the ability to organize people and marshal resources to achieve specific objectives” (Carpenter & Sanders, 2008 p 34). Under my umbrella as project manager I also oversee store supplies with that responsibility I touch a lot of departments and have multiple contacts and groups I need to put together to accomplish a common goal. It is often times challenging keeping each team member on task and takes some convincing to help them understand why things are important even though it may be on the bottom of their priority list.

What Makes an Effective Executive Team?

This is an area that I feel could use some improvement at my current organization. I often times find myself sitting in a meeting where an executive determines one course of acton; however, by the end of the meeting the course has gone in a completely different direction without a real resolution or definitive course. I am not sure if it is due to the lack of layers between the executive team and direct reports but this is something that I admired and respected at my previous organization where leaders had a firm understanding and were “able to develop a coherent plan for executive succession” (Carpenter PPT Resource 2, 2016 p 10).


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