How will the information in this module help you to create a better study? , health and medicine homework help

Welcome to Module 2.  This module will introduce you to basic methodological designs, types of research, and designing well controlled research studies.  These methods will help you to fine tune your topic, consider how to plan, design and conduct a research study, control sources of error and solve potential problems with your research topic.  It is important that you use good problem solving strategies to work through the bugs and also be patient with yourself as you learn the material.  You will actually surprise yourself because you will likely know more than you think you know.
In this module, you will:
1. Identify the differences between a population and a sample
2. Identify the differences between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics
3. Identify the differences between constructs and variables
4. Explain the different types of data
5. Identify the concepts of validity and reliability in research studies, and identify sources of potential error in research studies
6. Explain the different types of test construction
7. Explain what is Evaluation Research
8. Understand different types of surveys and the specific types of items
9. Understand what makes a survey a valid research tool and how to determine whether or not a survey is statistically valid
10. Understand what makes a survey reliable and methods for assessing reliability of a survey
·  For this module, please read the following:
Moule & Hek, Chapters 7-9
Creswell, Chapter 2
my study   “ how do hospital policies influence infection control in surgical unit?”
  Using the terms in this module, what topics are relevant to your study? How will the information in this module help you to create a better study? What type of study will you use? How might you reduce your chance of error?

Begin to design a brief survey of 10 items in your area of research interest. Using the concepts presented in this module, discuss how you have incorporated these concepts into constructing your survey.  Discuss why you selected your items and the importance of these items.  Please be specific and provide examples.

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