how you would apply a concept whilst undertaking a nursing skill.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore how you would apply a concept whilst undertaking a nursing skill. You must: Consider the concepts, which will be one of the following.
1) Compassion
2) Respect
3) Reassurance
4) Coping
Choose one of the following nursing skills to consider within your essay:
Elimination needs
Undertaking clinical observations (pulse, blood pressure, respiration and temperature)
Hygiene requirements
Assisting with nutrition
You should define the specific concept and the specific nursing skill, as well discuss the relevance to nursing. Following this, you should discuss how you would apply the concept whilst undertaking the skill in practice. You should also demonstrate how the outlined actions can support one of the 6 senses of relationship centred care (Sense of security)
Your work should be clearly presented. You will need to support your work with appropriate literature and theory which will need to be correctly referenced. The word limit for this piece of work is 2000 words.
Define the concept and identify why this concept is important or relevant to nursing.
You will have: · Clearly defined the concept ·
Outlined the main features of the concept ·
Explained the importance/relevance of this concept to nursing                         10%
Define the chosen nursing skill, and identify why this skill was chosen.
You will have: · Clearly stated what nursing skill you chose ·
Outlined the main features of the skill ·
Explained why you chose this skill                                                                                  10%
Outline how the concept should influence how the skill is undertaken in clinical practice.
You will have: · Discussed how the main principles of the concept would influence how you would undertake the skill in practice e.g. closing curtains; maintaining privacy; explanations to the patient. · Supported your discussion with relevant literature.                                                      50%
Consider how the nursing skill and the concept support one of the 6 senses of relationship centred care.
You will have: · Identified one of the six senses of relationship centred care ·
Outlined how the concept and nursing skill enabled, for example, a sense of security     10%
Support the discussion with relevant literature. You will have: · Used relevant literature to support your thoughts and actions                                                                                                             10%
Demonstrated logical and coherent development in your work. It must be clearly presented You will have:

Structured your essay in a logical manner including an introduction and summary or conclusion ·

Demonstrated a coherent line of discussion                                                   5%
Include correct in text citation and proper and complete reference list using Harvard Referencing.
N/B ; The chosen concept is Compassion and you can write on Either of elimination needs or assisting with nutrition as the skill.
Also show how the sense of security is achieved or maintained

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