Human Resource Core Competency, management homework help

Choose 3 of the 9 competencies below and write about an organization that you worked for in the past or your current organization. Select either the work group or the organization level. What were the core competencies of either the work group or organization? Explain how the core competencies supported the organizational strategy. 3-4 paragrahs 12 time roman apa format cite references

Human Resource Expertise – Applies knowledge of HR functions

Relationship management – Builds networks that support the firm

Consultation – Provides advice and direction

Leadership and navigation – Guides the organization and its employees

Communication – Fosters positive flow of information among different parties

Global and cultural effectiveness – Understands diverse global issues

Ethical practice – Builds organizational ethical values and compliance

Critical evaluation – Functions as a judge of inofrmation

Business acumen – Provides input that supports business strategy

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