Human Resource Strategy, management homework help

The focus will be to develop and design from the below knowledge areas a HR Strategy for a troubled company walmart,which has a high turnover, complain of services. As the new HR Director, you task will be to formulate a project plan and make recommendations that are clearly relevant to the business and its needs.

You will be required to demonstrate in your presentation the understanding of the interaction of HR and how one specialty area affects another. For examples you can demonstrate the impact of benefits on a company’s recruiting efforts; show how compliance initiatives can impact employee engagement; and the links between performance management and compensation.

The plan will be organized around the following HR knowledge areas:

  • Employee engagement (includes onboarding, retention, training and employee relations)
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Recruitin

The paper should be done in APA format. The majority of your sources should be from peer-reviewed academic journals, such as those found in the university library databases. You are required to site at least three (3) sources

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