identify phases of the intelligence,law homework help

For this discussion this week, you are going to identify the intelligence cycle in a case study.  First, read through the course materials to understand the phases of the intelligence cycle in the various communities.  Then, find a case which required the collection of information, the processing and analysis of it, and how the intelligence was used to thwart the plot or catch the criminal or prevent an incident from being carried out.  You may choose a case in any of the four intelligence communities: national security, law enforcement, homeland defense, or the private sector. 

Here are some resources to use to find a case that interest you:

– the FBIs stories of many cases;

– the searchable library of articles from the CIA’s Study of Intelligence publications;

– stories in ICE newsroom of investigations and plots by DHS components;

– competitive intelligence cases; and,

– cases as described by a firm marketing their strategic services.

Please write your post as a story, in sequence, illustrating where there were and maybe continued to be gaps in information, how the parties involved overcame them (or not), and which of the phases was most problematic.  Finally, tell us what you thought was the most interesting thing you learned about the intelligence cycle from this exercise?

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