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A. Complete and Submit Chapter Review Q’s 16.1 – 16.9

16.1 Describe how a salesperson is much like the individual who owns and operates a business.

16.2 Opportunity management has been described as a four.dimensional process. Describe each dimension.

16.3 List and briefly describe the four goal.setting principles.

16.4 List four techniques the salesperson should use to make better use of valuable selling time.

16.5 Effective territory management involves two major steps. What are they?

16.6 What is a sales call plan? Explain how it is used.

16.7 Describe the most common records kept by salespeople.

16.8 What is the definition of “stress”? What are some indicators of stress?

16.9 Table 16.2 (on page 345) describes six “five.minute stress busters” to reduce stress. Which of these do you think are most important for persons employed in the sales field? Explain

B. Complete and Submit Chapter 17 Review Q’s17.1 – 17.9

17.1 What is the difference between leadership and management?

17.2 Are all sales managers’ duties the same? Explain.

17.3 What are the two main leadership qualities displayed by most successful sales managers? Define and explain each of these qualities.

17.4 List and describe the four basic steps involved in coaching.

17.5 What is a job description? Explain the importance of job descriptions in selecting salespeople.

17.6 What are four sources of recruiting new salespeople?

17.7 What should sales managers look for in selecting new salespeople? Describe at least three important qualities.

17.8 List and describe three guidelines that should be followed when you design a sales motivation program based on external rewards.

17.9 List and describe the five basic compensation plans for salespeople.

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