Informative Speech Outline on Football. The history from the start when it begin and how the sport..

Informative Speech Outline on Football. The history from the start when it begin and how the sport is played in detailed.
Make sure that each research based statement and statistic is followed by a citation.
3 credible sources cited in APA Format. Providing a example of how outline should be.
Make sure that it is a informative speech not persuasive speech.
Speaker: Margot Robbie
Title: How to hang your toilet paper
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the different ways to hang your toilet paper.
Hook: You can go over the water or under the bridge but with toilet paper you can do both
Thesis: Today I will discuss how toilet paper came about, the differences in the way you hang your TP, and how the way you hang says something about your personality.
State the Importance of the Topic: This topic of discussion is relevant and important to know because toilet paper is used in the daily life of every individual.
Establishment of Credibility: I’ve used toilet paper my entire life so I know a great deal on the different ways of hanging. Also, I’ve read numerous articles that have increased my knowledge.
Preview of Main Points: To start off, I will give a brief overview of how toilet paper came about Then, I will explain the differences in hanging your toilet paper either over or under Lastly, I will describe what the way you hang your TP says about your personality
Transition: While paper became a necessity or where it all started.
Main Idea #1 According to the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia (Fischburg, 2001), the idea of TP was popularized back in 50 B.C. However, the name did not come about until the later 1800’s Great Britain’s’ The British Perforated Paper Company (Fischburg, 2001) produced toilet paper in 1880 Ten years later TP on a roll was introduced by the Scotts Paper Company (Fischburg, 2001) and became the nation’s leading producer of TP. Kleenex came along in the 20th century Shortly after that Charmin Cottenelle Toilet Paper followed after
Internal Summary and Transition: We can clearly see TP has been around for a while, now why is there such a controversy on how to hang it – over or under?
Main Idea #2 Many articles state there is a right and wrong way to hang your TP, however there is no proven correct way to place your TP Erik Mack (2011) says there are advantages to both over and under Advantages for Over Easier to rip off desired # of squares Less chance of scraping knuckles on the wall The end of the TP is easier to locate Advantages for Under Less chance of unraveling in a moving vehicle with accessible bathroom (or possibly during an earthquake) Less likely a cat or small child can unravel roll Tidier appearance Essential Life Lessons (2005) states there is only one right way to hang TP Adam Dachls (2016) – front-facing rolls are more convenient
Internal Summary and Transition: Now that you’ve seen the popularity and benefits of both, let’s discuss how the way you hang your TP says something about you as a person.
Main Idea #3 Personality is described in so many different ways, who knew TP was one of them? Diana Adams (2012) stated that you are a “faithful, logical, and a sensible traditionalist who takes special joy in keeping his or her environment well-regulated” if you hang your TP over You are a “carefree, enthusiastic, spontaneous, needless fool with a skewed perception of reality” if you hang it under (Adams, 2012). If you do not hang your TP at all and just set it on top of the old roll, you are “reckless, incorrigible, and lazy – most likely male with the attention span of a goldfish (Adams, 2012).” Backed by research?
Signal End of Speech: *pause and look at audience”
Review of Main Points: I have reviewed when and where toilet paper began, the many differences between over and under, and how the way that you hang your TP says something about the person you are.
Activate Audience Response: I hope you now go home and use this information to really think about how you will hang YOUR toilet paper from now on.
Conclude with Impact: Only to you does it matter how the toilet paper in your bathroom hangs, so do not take this personally and have a great day!
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