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I have research to do. Here are the guidelines to follow, 
Research Assignment #3 (Due on Sunday, 4/24/16 by 6:00 pm via Bb only)
Assignment Summary:
Your assignment is to write a research paper in journal format with a minimum of 1650 words and a maximum of 2000 words (not including the reference section) on a specific topic within your previously assigned IE topic. (Example 1 – If your topic was Engineering economy, then a specific topic one might consider is geometric gradients, or cost/benefit ratios; Example 2 – an Operations research sub-topic might be linear programming or queueing theory). If you do not know what your previously assigned topic was, then see research assignment #2 tables.
It must be word-processed, single-spaced (with 1-double space between paragraphs) and fully justified (i.e., full justification Must be used throughout). Also, you must have a margin size of 1 inch on all sides (i.e., where the top, bottom, left and right sides are even) of your submitted assignment. Font size for text must be 12 pt and the font type should be Times New Roman throughout this assignment unless otherwise specified below.
You may use parts of your written research paper #2 along with the references to help introduce and develop the specific topic of this research paper #3. Your topic must address how your specific sub-topic is relevant to its broader topic and to the field of Industrial engineering.
Format: This assignment is to be written in journal format with the following specifications. All items are to begin on the first page of the assignment and continue on that page. (Thus, there is no title page when writing in journal format). Title: The title should begin exactly 1 inch from the top of the paper on the first page of the paper in 14 pt bold-type font and centered, and your name should appear 1 double spaced beneath the title (not in bold, but 12 pt size font). Next, the Abstract section should summarize what your research paper is about, followed by a line called Keywords where you list in horizontal format (i.e., across the page) 2-4 words/phrases (as they are written in most refereed journal articles) that are significant to your topic.
In addition, each research paper should have a minimum of the following headings: Introduction (which introduces your general topic) , Background (which goes into more about your defined specific topic), Explanation of Topic (assume your reader knows nothing about your topic and you must include a properly formatted equation within your explanation on how the author attempted to solve a problem), Relevance of topic to IE (how does your topic relate back to industrial engineering), Summary (what facts, importance, solutions, etc. were solved within the research topic area), Conclusions (generalized summary of your paper which is equivalent to the size of introduction), and References. These headings should be in bold-type font with 12 pt size. NOTE: This assignment is worth 15% of your grade. Thus, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and formatting are critical as much as the technical content of your paper.
References: To assist you in completing this assignment, you must use a minimum of 5 references including 3 refereed journal articles. The sources used from research assignment #2 may be included as part of the required 5 references. Additional sources may be used as well and all must be included in the reference section.

Next, proper in-text citations MUST appear as (Author’s last name, year) within the research paper. The style of references and in-text citations that will be used for this assignment is the APA-style. Additional APA formatting information can be found at the Purdue OWL website at and click the appropriate “Reference List” item on the left column for the type of source you are using. Be sure that this is done EXACTLY as shown. Safe Assign will be activated.

  The research paper MUST be submitted via Bb from the assignment link, but NOT as an email. In other words, DO NOT SEND THE ASSIGNMENT VIA MSU EMAIL nor the Bb email system! NO EXCUSES.


  All articles (including those used/sent from research assignment #2) must be submitted with your
research assignment.

 my pervious topic was 
quality control and reliability 

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