Introduction to Service Management, business and finance homework help

Need 300 words

1. describe a bad experience that you have had in a waiting line and a project plan that you would develop to improve that waiting line experience. include the project trade off inherent between cost, time, and performance.


Need 300 words

2. Many companies such as Dell Computer and Verizon (just to name a few) have outsourced their call centers overseas. In no less than 100 words, discuss the implications of service outsourcing for employees, stockholders, customers, and host-country economy when a firm outsources a call center overseas.

Need 300 words

3. discuss the economic costs of keeping customers waiting. The number of customers in line at a service organization such as a retail store or bank is likely to vary by the hour of the day and by the day of the month. How will this affect your choice of a forecasting model?

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