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Below you will find my previous weeks completed assignments to give you a better idea on how to complete this assignment. Please also use the SPSS data in the pdf below.

4-2 Short Paper: Ethical Considerations

Based on the Introduction (Milestone One) that you already created, perform an ethical review that could be used to collect data from participants. As a guide for your review, use the questions in Table 3.1: Sample Questions for Ethics Review (page 47 of Beginning Behavioral Research: A Conceptual Primer, attached below). Base this review on a hypothetical methodology that could be used to collect the type of data in your selected data set.

Construct this paper using these headings, which align with the Module Four Short Paper Rubric elements:

  • Investigators (one paragraph, why should these people be the researchers)
  • Nature of Study (one or two paragraphs; describe the proposed study)
  • Research Participants (one paragraph; who might the participants be?)
  • Confidentiality (one paragraph; how will data be secured?)
  • Debriefing (one paragraph; how will participants be debriefed?)

Note: At their discretion, instructors may perform an originality check on submissions using Turnitin.

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