Investor Profile Questionnaire, business and finance assignment help


Part 1

Identify your Investor Profile

1. Complete the Investor Profile Questionnaire.

2. Calculate the results of the Questionnaire. Include the subtotals and results from the questionnaire in the Assignment. From the results, identify the type of Conventional investor you are. I fall in Moderate and long term term horizon. Identify which number of the 9 box square the questionnaire results select for you. My box is 6. I will send more information about box 6 on attachment. Consider whether you agree with the results or you would adjust the results.

3. Look at the four Value investor types (sustainable activist, positive, negative or conventional). Decide which best describes you.  The best describes me is Positive.

Submit one to two typed paragraphs explaining what type of investor you are. Include your Investor Questionnaire calculated results in the paragraph as supportive data. In the paragraph(s) state whether you agree or disagree with the questionnaire results. Explain. If you disagree how would you adjust the results? (For example, you may feel you want to be more aggressive or more conservative than the results predict.)  Explain your adjustment if you make one. Include in the paragraph(s) the type of value

investor you
are and explain how you reached this conclusion.

Part 2 Asset Allocation Decision

From the
number (1-9) assigned (or adjusted by you) to your investor type, create a table that lists the Broad Asset Allocation Categories (Cash, Bonds and Stocks) and the subcategories that would be included in this type of portfolio. Include the % that corresponds to each category.  

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