Is a “Low-Cost” strategy the same as a “Low-Price” strategy?, discussion help

1. Is a “Low-Cost” strategy the same as a “Low-Price” strategy? State your opinion and give actual examples from companies to back up your position. DO NOT use the same examples that are cited in discussion threads before your posting


2. What are the specific resources and capabilities that Disney might be able to share across the traditional family-oriented businesses and their new ventures? Internally, Disney executives view one of their dynamic capabilities as that of being the best at creating world-class entertainment within financial constraints. What are your thoughts on this view? As you think about Disney, and what you view as its resources and capabilities, what arenas should it consider for future diversification or diversification moves?

3. Select a real life example of how does globalization affected organization structure and explain.

Describe organizational solutions to the problems caused by dynamic environments? Give examples.

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