Juvenile Delinquency, sociology homework help

Page 243: “The brain develops over time, with a constant accretion of repetitions and exposures; each moment is a chance to reinforce either positive or negative patterns. Once a pattern is started, it becomes like a groove or a rut, making similar behavior easier, more likely to be repeated. The mirroring systems of our social brains make behaviors contagious. And again, this is wonderful when what you are practicing is sports or piano or kindness, but not so great when what’s being repeated is impulsive, aggressive responses to threat.”

This passage makes clear that once you begin down a path, it becomes easier and easier to follow that path. So what about juvenile delinquents? Once they commit a crime, should we lock them up and throw away the key? Obviously not, so who is helping these children?

Your final discussion assignment is to choose any organization that exists to help troubled or disadvantaged youth.

1) Research and give the history of the organization (who, when, where, why and how it started). Also tell me the mission of the organization.

2) Have you or someone you know ever been positively impacted by a similar organization? What do you think is the future of juvenile delinquency?

Example organizations (do not use these):

Homeboy Industries (helps reform gang members)

Children of the Night (helps reform child prostitutes)

A Place Called Home (provides enrichment through education & mentoring)

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