Knowledge, Skills and Talents, business and finance homework help

please analyze strengths and suggest future development strategies based on the book Now, Discover Your Strengths.

  • Knowledge, Skills and Talents: (2 pages ) please see the book
    • What is the difference between these three?
    • What do you believe are your knowledge, skills and talents (this should be before you take the inventory) and why should they be valued by a company?
  • Results of the Strength Finder Inventory (4 pages ) please see the files (Gallup Report)
    • What were your top 5 themes? Describe them.
    • How do your results compare with what you thought about yourself before taking the inventory
  • Your “Fit” (2 pages)
    • Based on your research on a global company (I choose Hilton company) , how successful do you think you would be in its global operations? Are you a good “fit”?
  • Conclusion/Development Plan (2 pages)
    • What is your development plan to become a more effective global manager?

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