Law Technology Discussion Question, essay help

Using the text and the help available in MS Word, please try the mail merge feature in word processing. Keep notes as you work so you can report your success in this forum. Create a simple business letter as your example. Try templates to start your business letter. Share your business letter as an attachment to your initial post. You will not be able to share your sample recipient list, but do such a list so that you can discuss “how to” do it.

Report on what worked for you and what caused you problems. Show specific steps. Did you use online directions from Microsoft or help from other sources on the web? Did you use YouTube videos? Discuss ways this feature interacts with MS Access. As you work on your replies, discuss how this feature and other features of the latest word processors can help you accomplish more with less work.

Alternative for Mac Users
If you are unable to use the mail merge features due to having a Mac, create a business letter and share it as an attachment to your first post. Then discuss ways you could do the mailing and emailing tasks without having all the features of mail merge in Word and Access. Would you use Google docs and download a mail merge utility for email? Would you use templates and a free or low cost macro utility? As you work on your replies, discuss how the methods you found can help you accomplish more with less work.

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