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Influencing Tactics

Due by Saturday, 11:59 p.m. (MT) end of Week 3 (120 pts)

Module Three presents a variety of principles and practices about influence, power, and politics. Most of which within the scope of leadership. Leadership can have a profound impact on individuals, teams, departments, and organizations. Likewise, so can the people within the organizations. In a perfect world there would be no disagreements or issues. However, that is not the case. Many of you may have already experienced similar situations as the situation that is described in this Week 3 Assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to aid you in evaluating and applying influencing principles that may arise out of a situation and illustrate how influence can occur in positions of non-leadership and leadership.

Consider the following questions:

1.Influencing tactics. Your company is profitable and gives merit raises (between 0 to 7 percent). You met with your manager for your annual review and thought things went very well. Although the manager never stated a specific percentage pay increase, the way she talked, you were expecting a 6 percent pay raise starting next month. When you got your next paycheck, you realized that the raise was only 3 percent, so you contacted the payroll department. Payroll stated that your manager put in for a 3 percent pay raise. You know that some of your peers got 5 percent and they are not as productive as you. You believe you earned the 6 percent and have decided to talk to your manager to try to get it.

A.What are some of the things that you should consider in planning your talk with the manager?

B.Which influencing tactic(s) will you use to help persuade your manager to give you the 6 percent raise?

      C.What behavior will you use (what will you do and say)?

      D.   Comment at the end of your paper about the anticipated outcome based on your plan.

So, you will need to write 750 words and have a minimum of two sources. Be sure to use proper citations and APA formatting in your assignment. It is essential to give credit where credit is do for your online sources, i.e. cite the sources you found and do not copy and paste information from the web into your post and call it your own work – that is a plagiarism. If you have issues with citations or are confused on how to cite, it is encouraged to schedule an appointment with online tutor or writing lab. It is also encouraged to research that information online as well, i.e. how to properly cite information a source according to APA formatting, or what is and what is not plagiarism?  

please follow the above instructions and no plagarism please.

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