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Respond to the following discussion:

Our text defines lean as “a systematic method for reducing the complexity of a process and making it more efficient by identifying and eliminating sources of waste in a process” (Russell, 2013, p. 81), and Six Sigma as a “disciplined and very organized approach for improving processes and preventing defects” (Russell, 2013, p. 81). Both systems seek to improve performance – lean as a way of simplifying processes and reducing waste, and Six Sigma by reducing variation. The result of marrying the two would ideally be to create better products faster, and proponents of Lean Six Sigma believe that combining the two systems amplifies their output to achieve better results than either system would on its own. While these two systems are not the same things, I believe they do complement each other. In trying to join them together, choices may have to be made which will occasionally overrule the preference of one system in favor of the other, for example with a very resource-heavy step that adds little quality to the process – metrics may have to prove the step’s value to the bottom line – but in general I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to eliminate waste and enhance quality.

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