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In this week’s learning activities, you reviewed ethics rules that impact the information included in written documents. To further enhance your understanding of how important adhering to these ethical standards is, you will review a case wherein some of these ethical standards were violated. Complete the following assignment:

  • Read Catellier v. Depco Inc. and answer the following questions: 
    • What were the “procedural bad faith” errors pointed out by the court? 
    • Which error do you think was the most egregious and why? 
    • Do you think the sanction imposed on Catellier’s counsel was sufficient? 
      • Why or why not? 
  • Be sure to follow these guidelines:
    • Full credit requires more than one-sentence responses. 
    • Your response must be complete and well organized. 
    • Your answer should be a minimum of one full page in length, single-spaced, or two full pages, double-spaced, with one-inch margins.
    • You will be assessed on the depth of analysis in your response. 
    • In addition, you must proofread your material, and submit it without grammar, spelling, or other mechanical errors. 
    • Cite all of your sources in Bluebook format, including the text, lectures, and other sources. 
    • Proofread carefully – spelling and other mechanics count.

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