Leptin and Cardiovascular diseases, health and medicine homework help

Will you be able to write a 30 page review paper on scientific topic. I have already pulled 2 articles on my topic ,however you can certainly add more information but plz make sure they are not more then 5 yrs old. Also if possible plz provide excel/ SAS analysis for the data and a plagiarism free report.

 I would suggest you gather data analytics involving large datasets that are readily and easily download and analyze from NHANES or NHIS – there are others too all in here:http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/surveys.htm

My topic is Leptin and Cardiovascular diseases.

Formating Style – Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association http://www.icmje.org/. (Don’t worry about this I will handle it).

Double spacing, 1″ Margin all side. 
Indent: The first line of each paragraph is indented 5 spaces. All lines of longer block quotations are indented 5 spaces, and the first lines of paragraphs within such quotations are further indented 5 spaces.
Plz give roman page number to all the pages including title page.

Footnotes: Footnotes placed at the bottom of the page are indexed in the text by appropriate symbols. Footnotes are typed on the bottom of the page on which reference is made to them,
and should lie above the 1″ bottom margin.
1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Table of Contents
4. List of Table
5.List of Figure
6. Main Body
7. Text of paper
8. Appendix

Will you be able to provide SAS analysis. Thats the most imp part of this project and will work with us to review your article again after 1 oct right. If all set then let me talk to my finance dept and get back to you thanks.

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