LivePlan: Executive Summary, management homework help

In this assignment, you will complete the first portion of the “Executive Summary” chapter of your plan. Remember that you will be completing your business plan over the next three courses so be sure to include enough depth, analysis, and research in this specific section to support the overall business plan.

Selection of a business: You will have to pick a business to be the subject of the business plan you will be writing over the next three courses. Ideally, you will choose a business you would like to start. 

Login to your LivePlan account.

once the assignment is assigned i will give you my information to log in 

Refer to the Sample Plans that are located in the Help & Resources > Sample Plan Library in LivePlan for assistance.  

Select the Plan tab within LivePlan, and then select the “Executive Summary” chapter on the left-hand side menu. The arrow to the right of the chapter will expand or contract the sections within the chapter.

Complete all 5 parts of the “Opportunity” section: Problem, Solution, Market, Competition, and Why Us?  write brief summary statements for each part. You will revisit this “Opportunity” section throughout the development of your business plan to update your summary statements with information from the other sections of your business plan.

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