Macro Systems Responses, sociology homework help

A title page and reference page are needed. Each question can be

responded to individually – no introduction or conclusion is necessary.

The assignment does not need to be written as an essay but rather answer

the questions individually.

Write a short response (200-300 words each) to the following ideas:

  • Describe the concept of personal, interpersonal, and political empowerment.
  • Explain an individual’s involvement in multiple social systems–micro, mezzo, and macro–within the environment.
  • Discuss the macro system response to child maltreatment, sexual abuse, crime, and delinquency.
  • Compare and contrast the application of functionalism and interactionist theory to poverty.
  • Describe the role and responsibility of the human service worker in the macro environment.

Required Sources: at least one peer-reviewed resource and one of the texts.

Format your citations and references using APA guidelines. Post completed assignment as an attachment to assignments forum.

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