“Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid” case study help

Read Case 3-3: “Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid” provided on the student resource site (http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/007352994x/student_view0/cases.html)

Respond to Question #2 at the end of the case:

Marketing to the B.O.P. raises a number of issues revolving around the social responsibility of marketing efforts.  Write a position paper, either pro or con, on one of the following:

  • Is it exploitation for a company to profit from selling soaps, shampoo, personal computers, ice cream, etc., to people with little disposable income?
  • Can making loans to customers whose income is less than $100 monthly at interest rates of 20 percent to purchase TVs, cell phones, and other consumer durables be justified?
  • One authority argues that squeezing profits from people with little disposable income – and often not enough to eat – isn’t capitalist exploitation, but rather that it stimulates economic growth.

Conclude with action steps a company can take to suppor

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