Mastery in Educational Specialty PPT U4, writing homework help

The presentation itself should include: an introduction, identification of specialization, title and type of project, discussion of project approach, a detailed summary of the entire project content, impact of project on specialization industry, and a closing appeal to the audience for support (why they should support) of the project going forward.  Treat this presentation as if you are sharing the information to a Governing Board or Administrate Team for funding approval. specializing in Leadership of Educational Organizations will write a thesis based on library research of a controversial topic appropriate to their specialization area.  The topic must be an issue or problem that has experts suggesting at least 2 possible solutions. Topic: The use of Tablets in the Classroom and should the school board pay for the tablets.

  • Title page

  • Abstract

  • Introduction

  • identification of specialization (Leadership of Educational Organizations )

  • Discussion of the overall topic

  • Discussion of various points of view

  • Data supporting different points of view

  • Conclusions of the author supported by data.

  • Reference Page

  • Annotated Bibliography (10)

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