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The biggest contrast I see in the various quality management processes and standards are that Six sigma and ISO 9000 are geared toward the quality management of the product and services which in itself is a good thing. There is a great desire for good quality products and services. The biggest disadvantage is that it does not address a quality management process as a whole throughout the entire organization. TQM addresses every aspect of the organization and its management which allows for continued process improvement as a well-oiled machine that flows with teamwork, cooperation and growth of the company ethical procedures and respect for its employees. People echo consensus of disrespect in today’s job market. When I think of the talent that goes unnoticed because of the old system of hierarchal management that overlooks knowledge and experience, I think of wasted time reinventing the same old wheel.

The potential drawbacks are:

  1. Not utilizing the full spectrum of quality management. If the company is going to institute quality management it needs to be across the board.
  2. Not having a solid foundation to implement and continue quality management: Laying the foundation of quality management expectations should cover every aspect of Quality associated with the company.
  3. It could lead to the old hierarchical management system: therefore eliminating free thinking, innovative input. Encouraging continued waste and mismanagement and aiding in temptations that lead to trouble
  4. No effective way to measure and analyze the problems outside of products and services and be able to correct them through a system designed to do just that.

The measurement of quality is critical to the whole process for the following reasons:

This can give you accuracy on perceived strengths?

To get a true pulse of the company’s foundation?

Helps to determine where the weaknesses are so resources can be allocated toward them.

To determine technology and performance quality

Human resource skills, experience and knowledge to fit the teamwork

The strength of the corporate culture that has an impact on any and all projects

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