Memo to Board of Directors, assignment help

I need to write 2 page memo to the Board of Directors of “Walt Disney Company” as to how to better align the CEO’s interests to the interests of shareholders. 

You can organize your memo in the following order:

 First, discuss what kind problems the current CEO pay has using what you wrote in Part C:

Interstation of the data analysis. For example, if the answers of the two questions in Part C are

different, what kind of problems can occur? If they are the same, does it mean the CEO pay is

well justified? If not, why?

 Second, which of the four accounting measures would serve as the best measure of the CEO

performance in the incentive (bonus) contract?

 Third, discuss any other thoughts on how to improve the CEO pay and performance relation of

your firm. For example, would different performance measures help? What kind? Why? If you

found other relevant information that would give you further insights, discuss the implication of

the information and cite and reference the source properly (see below).

 Lastly, present concluding remarks.

I attached the information needed to do this assignment 

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