Module 4 – SLP Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & Training, management homework help

Module 4 – SLP

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & Training

A popular type of training at all levels of an organization is behaviorally experienced training. These types of trainings focus on emotional and behavioral learning. For example, employees can learn about behaviors by role-playing, in which individuals act out situations. Based on your experiences, discuss the added value of behaviorally experienced training. How do we as HRM professionals objectively determine the “value” of behaviorally experienced training? Then, discuss the problems of behaviorally experienced training that should be taken into consideration by human resource professionals. Finally, make a recommendation as to how behaviorally experienced training can be assessed and used for succession planning.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your paper should be short (2-3 pages, not including the cover sheet, references, and assessment sheet) and to the point. You are expected to deal with these issues in an integrated fashion, rather than treating them as a series of individual questions to be answered one by one and left at that.

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