Must know operations management. Answer 3 questions after watching 3 videos

Requires to know operations management otherwise it is impossible to answer the question.

Answer the following 3 questions. Paper should be at least 2 pages in length, double spaced, 1 inch margins, fontArial or Times New Roman and a pitch size of 12. Do not type the questions. Questions should be answered individually and not in essay format

1.From what we have seen on the Amazon film clips, it’s certainly seems Amazon has perfected the “mouse to house” concept. Given what we have seen with drones and Amazon’s business strategy, think ahead 10 years and describe what you see at Amazon, specifically around their business and Operational  strategy.

2.Describe how you see the impact of scientific management on Amazon’s operations. What impacts/concepts do you feel were adopted from Frederick Taylor and Adam Smith by Jeff Bezos and have been incorporated at the heart of Amazon’s operations? Describe why you feel these concepts have been important to their growth.

3.What do you feel are Amazon’s competitive competencies are well as their competitive priorities. With the inclusion of drones  in their operations, do you think their competitive priorities may change? Why or Why Not?

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