Operations Management, powerpoint presentation help

Students will identify an organization, such as a restaurant or retail store, which needs some level of operational improvement.

Students will analyze the current operational situation and make recommendations to fix a specific element(s) of the operation.

Each student should choose a restaurant or retail store that they are familiar with, or frequent. This may eliminate the need to visit the operation.

This is a PowerPoint presentation only… assume that you are a consultant and would be presenting your findings to the client and other interested parties.

1. Choose the restaurant or retail store.

2. Discuss and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the operation.

3. Concentrate on one or two areas for improvement, or a set of them if they are aligned (ex. location and parking).

4. Detail the process as it currently exists (current state). Be specific.

5. Explain how you would improve the process (future state). Be specific.

Create a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation with your business identification and description, identification of issues, operational analysis and recommendations for 5 improvements.

Diagrams and/ or flow charts are required to show current and future state.

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