Order 697061: SIX HAT THEORY

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For the following 7 ideas, using the SIX HAT THEORY , comment on these post attempting to provide balance and insight to each of the perspectives given. Using your hat color, my is BLUE. 1. Break into small groups and do an Escape Room 2. Small groups meet every month to work on and create a funny skit to perform at the end of the year for staff, clients etc. 3. Quarterly retreat where staff plays games, ropes course, trust/team-building activities etc. 4. Wellness activity each month, such as: – A step challenge between small groups – Offer yoga or exercise class once a week for a month – A workshop on budgeting – Start a running group – Book club 5. “Favorite Dish Friday:” A few employees sign up once a week to bring in their favorite meals to share accompanied by the recipe—at the end of the year, create a printable recipe book accessible to staff, volunteers, clients 6. Have a talent show once a year 7. Have some sort of laminated icon (or something that can be written on) that employees can pass around to each other. When an employee notices another doing something kind, or going above and beyond (something noteworthy), write it on the icon, and give it to that person. It is then up to that person to do the same for the next person. Keep this rolling for the month, and at a monthly staff meeting, read all the comments out loud. Then start fresh for the next month.

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