Planned murder, law homework help

HYPOTHETICAL: Overhearing a telephone conversation between his pregnant wife and his close friend Alex, Jonathan realizes that his wife is actually carrying Alex’s child. In his jealousy, he hires a professional killer to kill her. Consider the following situations:

    1. Jonathan’s wife is killed; she is 2 months pregnant.
    2. Jonathan’s wife is killed; her 7-month fetus dies with her.
    3. Jonathan’s wife is killed; before dying, her 7-month fetus is aborted but dies within an hour.
    4. Jonathan’s wife is killed; before dying, she gives birth to her baby, who survives.
  1. Research the relevant laws and case law from Internet or print media to write a one-page report on what would be the charge against Jonathan for each of the above scenarios in accordance to the laws of your state. Add another page on how the charge will be different or similar if Jonathan is charged under federal laws.

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