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Problem Formulation

In this Discussion, you will align research problems with decision problems from a management perspective. Below you will find a two-item checklist to complete. Fully address both topics to make a substantial post.

Complete the following checklist:

  • Choose 2 of the following research problems, and identify a corresponding decision problem for each that the research problem might address.

a. Design a test market to assess the impact on sales volume of a particular discount theme.

b. Evaluate the stock level at the different warehouses.

c. Evaluate the sales and market share of grocery stores in a particular location.

d. Develop sales forecasts for a particular product line.

e. Assess the level of awareness among students, faculty, and staff about the benefits of a new software package.

f. Assess attitudes and opinions of customers toward existing theme restaurants.

  • Provide reasoning that supports your conclusions.

Be sure to use research in your answer, and apply proper APA style referencing format. Make sure you read the description of a solid answer post in the Announcement Area. (NOTE: Points will be deducted for weak posts).

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