Professional Organization Report, law homework help

Professional Organization Report: This assignment prepares you to become a member of your professional community by researching a professional organization. Choose one organization (* a criminal justice/crminology related organization)  to research, write a 600-750 word paper that address the following:

– What is the main purpose of this professional organization? Also include a brief but broad description of the organizations in the paper’s introduction.

– The body of the paper will detail how the organization reaches its goals. For example,

  • Who belongs to this organization?
  • Does this organization host a journal?
  • Does this organization host conferences or other professional gatherings?
  • What type of research does this organization support and how is this research supported?
  • What types of opportunities exist for you to participate in this organization?
  • What does productive membership in this organization look like?
  • What mentoring opportunities are available through this organization?
  • Is there a list-serve you should join as a member of this organization?

– Conclusion: Answer the following question

  • How would joining this professional organization benefit your career?

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