Protestant denominations in the US, history homework help

Question 1

  1. In the nineteenth century, which Protestant denomination grew in numbers in the United States due to increased immigration from Europe?

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Question 2

  1. How did Charles G. Finney’s brand of Christian revivalism differ from those of previous Evangelical leaders?
    He advocated withdrawal from society in favor of communalism
    He believed Christianity needed to be purged of its worldly nature
    He stressed the control that humans have over their own destinies

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Question 3

  1. The utopian community begun by Robert Owen in 1825 was founded around which principle?
    cooperative labor
    secular humanism
    mental independence

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Question 4

  1. Which American reformer founded a utopian community based on the principle of cooperative labor?
    Horace Mann
    Robert Owen
    Joseph Smith

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Question 5

  1. With which movement did the perfectionist reform of the early nineteenth century Christian revivalists take its earliest form?
    labor reform

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Question 6

  1. How did the abolitionist views of William Lloyd Garrison differ from those of earlier anti-slavery advocates?
    He opposed foreign colonization of former slaves
    He supported gradual rather than sudden emancipation
    He believed that violent revolt should not always be discouraged

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Question 7

  1. How did abolitionists use the political system to fight slavery?
    by forming third parties that advocated laws against slavery
    by encouraging slaves and free black workers to refuse to work
    by bringing lawsuits against slave-owners on constitutional grounds

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Question 8

  1. Why did female abolitionists often meet resistance within their own movement?
    It was feared that female members would slow the movement’s progression
    Women had the same social status as slaves at the time
    Religious leaders often used the Bible to justify female inferiority

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