Public and private investigation Elements , law homework help

Detectives and investigators in the private and public sector must be mindful of and apply local, state, and federal laws. Investigations branch into different fields such as forensic investigation, legal investigation, corporate investigation, and financial investigations.

As a criminal justice student, you should examine your future career opportunities.

Conduct research, starting from the recommended reading on Private Detectives and Investigators and the US Department of Labor’s current statistical information. Compare and contrast the career opportunities in public and private investigations as they apply to the following:

  • Trends of employment in public and private investigation
  • Educational and other requirements
  • Where and how may private investigators work?
  • Average pay for investigators in general (you may also find the average in your state (Colorado) at the US Department of Labor’s site)
  • Promotional opportunity

Were you surprised by any of the information you discovered?

1-3 paragraphs

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