Qualifying Examination – Synopsis, business and finance homework help

Qualifying Examination – Synopsis

At the end of Year 1 for the DBA program, it is a requirement to take and complete the Doctoral Qualifying Examination as required by the University and its accrediting body.

You will answer 3 of the 3 questions posed to you in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Information Systems

The framework in which you are to approach answering the 3 question areas are presented in a scenario where you have been promoted to an executive position of a large organization. So, it is from a leadership role and perspective that you have to provide specific answers in the 3 areas. Reviewing the courses and the learning objectives that you have already completed will help you prepare for the examination.

  • This is an open-book/notes examination and you will have 4 days to complete it.
  • Your work will be presented in an APA formatted paper that is 12 pages in length.
  • Please ensure that you present your own work product and use citations and references appropriately as your final paper will be submitted to Turnitin for originality analysis.
  • You are allowed to communicate with professors, staff, and colleagues for guidance on explanation or clarification of questions only. No assistance can be rendered to you in the form of answering any of the questions.

If you use what you have already learned from previous courses, and their appropriate textbooks (and other reference material), then you should do just fine completing the qualifying examination.

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