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Must Review Attachments 

Review the following resources before creating the memo:

  • Week 1 Grading Rubric   Attached 
  • Memo Template & Format Guidelines Attached
  • Guide to Peer-Reviewed References & APA Formatting

Find a peer-reviewed article using the University Library database (such as Proquest, EBSCO, ABI-Inform, etc.) that describes any organization that is currently or previously went through a change and the reasons for the changes.

Write a 700-word memo to your instructor. Address the following topics below using the section headers (labels) in bold:

  • Section 1- Introduction (<– this is a section header) – describes what the memo is going to be about; it mentions the upcoming sections. 
  • Section 2- Article Summary (<– this is a section header) – summarizes the article. 95% of summary should be paraphrased. 
  • Section 3- Type of Change (<– this is a section header) – describes the type of change the organization went through. From Chapter 2, is it incremental or strategic?  Is it anticipatory or reaction?  Is it tuning, reorientation, recreation or adaptation? Provide examples to support.. 
  • Section 4- Reasons for Change (<– this is a section header) – explains the reason or source of the change. 
  • Section 5- Other Sources (<– this is a section header)-  Identifies other types and sources of change an organization can experience. 
  • Section 6- Conclusion (<– this is a section header) – what the memo was about and why it is important for the reader take make a decision and/or take action. 
  • Section 7- References (<– this is a section header) – has at least 6 peer-reviewed references in APA format (with authors and dates). The references are incorporated throughout the memo with correct APA in-text citations.
  • Section 8- Rubric (<– this is a section header) – contains this grading rubric. 

Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.

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