Renaissance stories about sin and error, regret and remorse ,writing homework help

Show how you interpret the essential nature of the moral lesson in two of the readings below by creating a scene in which a key character from one of them counsels a key character from the other at a critical moment of reckoning in his or her drama of awareness.

1. Select ONE key character from each of TWO of these works:

  • Milton’s Paradise Lost –Satan, Adam, or Eve
  • Shakespeare’s King Lear – any of the major players (Lear, Gloucester, etc.)
  • Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus – Faustus, Mephistophilis
  • Webster, The Duchess of Malfi – any major player – the Duchess, Bosolo, the Cardinal, Ferdinand, Antonio

2. Choose a critical moment in the experience of one of them (as it happens in the Renaissance text) and then invent a scene in which he or she calls upon the other character for advice or help. Write about 750 – 1000 words that clearly indicate the moral nature of the characters you have chosen. Draw your understanding from the details of the works in which they actually appear.

Your work can be written in prose, dramatic verse, blank verse or a combination of these.

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