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Hello, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Read Chapter 1, “A Consultant by Any Other Name,” in the Flawless Consulting textbook.
  2. Read Chapter 2, “Techniques are Not Enough,” in the Flawless Consulting textbook.
  3. Read Chapter 3, “Flawless Consulting,” in the Flawless Consulting textbook.
  4. Utilizing the concepts from the textbook reading, complete the following “Taking Action” item adapted from Maxwell’s (2007) The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership book:

    Over the next [few days], try to influence three people of the five listed: a supervisor, a colleague on your same position level, a follower in your sphere of influence, a follower outside of your sphere of influence, and a family member or close friend. It could be as simple as suggesting where to go eat, or as critical as suggesting a new direction for a project. At the end of the [period], review each situation and answer the following:

    1. Situation Expectations. For each [identified] situation evaluate why you expected someone to follow your lead. Was it because: you were in a position of authority; you were the most knowledgeable person on the subject; you were the person who came up with the original idea; you were the recognized leader? (pp. 20-21)
    2. Successful Instances. In what instances were you successful in influencing others to go along with your idea?
    3. Unsuccessful instances. In what instances were you unsuccessful in influencing others to go along with your idea?
    4. Situation Evaluation. Evaluate why you think people did or did not follow your lead.
  5. A format that may be beneficial for presenting your project findings within the discussion forum is to utilize the following example, shown below for the role of a superior:

    Superior: _______________

    1. My expectation:
    2. Result and explanation:
  6. The write up should be 200-300 words in length and include, at a minimum, three sources properly cited and referenced: (a) the Flawless Consulting textbook, and the following articles : http://www.clomedia.com/2016/08/26/leaders-check-i… & https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/o…

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