SBI- paying for the proposed changes, accounting homework help

1. I have attached SBI Report 2 so you can refer to the proposed changes I suggested. How will the company pay for the proposed changes I mentioned in SBI Report 2?

2. I have attached Pro Forma Income statement. I had to forecast the next five years

3. I have attached Instructions SBI Report 3 Instructions. Only look at sections SBI 3B: Confirm Financial viability number 2.Determine how the company is going to pay for the proposed changes. I want you to answer only that question.

4. Also I have attached file of SBI Report 3 just for reference if you need it. Only has part A

5. I need you to look at our proposed changes and Income statement and determine how will the company pay for the proposed changes.

Don’t be scared by number of files I attached, most of them are for references. You only have to answer 1 question as specified in the instructions

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