Social Protest/Affirmation, sociology homework help

I need a 500 word essay. below are the requirements and I am attaching the power point from where you can select the work of art.


Essay #4 – Social Protest/Affirmation

After carefully reading Ch. 11 in the text, write your essay in response to the following questions.

Do you think that art should question the status quo?

Do you think that protest art reaches a large enough audience to be effective?

Do you think that art in museums and galleries are effective for social protest? Why or why not?

Which of the examples covered in this chapter and lecture did you find most effective, and why?

Do you feel that images of the oppressed such as those by Lewis Hine or Kara Walker exploit the subjects or are they necessary in bringing our attention to such injustices?

Explain using at least 2 specific examples from the text or the Power Point presentation.

Remember that a specific example includes the artist’s name, title in italics, date, historical or stylistic period, and a brief description that includes the media.

Essays should be a minimum of 500 words, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, free of all spelling and grammatical errors, no plagiarism, Chicago Style formatting with footnotes and bibliography. Make sure that you answer the questions asked in their entirety and that you proofread your essay carefully prior to submitting.

The book is Lazzari, Margaret and Dona Schlesier. Exploring Art: A Global Thematic Approach. 4th Edition.

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