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INSTRUCTIONS: Please RESPOND to this answer from the Point of view as a student. Use credible sources and respond as if you are a manager of a marketing agency. Tell this student what your agency would think of each of these answers or even include personal experiences:

Senior and Middle managers both play key roles in a business. The size of the firm makes a difference in which managers have a better position. In small firms, the Senior Manager (or owner(s)) might take over the roles categorized under Middle Managers. Middle managers are better positioned than Senior Manager to bring about strategic success, because they hold the following roles: entrepreneur, communicator, psychoanalyst, and tightrope walker. Carpenter and Sanders said, “The entrepreneurial, capability-building, and renewal processes all require the involvement, choices, and actions of middle and frontline managers” (p. 87). Even though Middle Managers work under the Senior Managers, they are very valuable to a business strategy. “76% say that developing communication skills is a priority…given the central role that middle managers hold, and their need to clearly and effectively communicate both up and down in the organization.”

Although, you must consider how Middle Managers can be very destructive if they do not practice the same beliefs or values described in the company’s mission statement. Any employee can be a threat when he/she does not support the company’s mission statement, but a manager’s actions have a greater impact on the company. Their actions influence the behavior of others.

Through my experience, I notice it is difficult for employees to reach out to their top executives. First, it can be challenging to set up a time to meet with a Senior Manager. First hour Senior Manager settles in and checks e-mail. Second hour Senior Manager has management meeting. Next hour conference call. Then it is lunch..meeting…another conference call…time to work on deadline. Before you know it, it is time for the employee to leave work and he/she was never able to meet with Senior Manager. It might be easier to for an employee to speak to a Middle Manager, because the manager is more accessible. This is why I think being a psychoanalyst gives the Middle Manager a better position than a Senior Manager when it comes to strategic leadership. The Middle Manager is able to make a difference by listening to the employee’s concerns, which is very important. Then, the Middle Manager is able to strategize on how to improve the operation.



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