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Imagine yourselves as Senior Executives of a large multinational corporation. The CEO asked you to solve the following problems facing your organization:

Hint: You may use Jerry Harvey’s definition of cheating for help with this assignment.

Question 1: Jerry Harvey’s Definition of Cheating:

Your CEO has heard about Jerry Harvey’s definition of cheating. He asks you to explain it to him, including the concept of the anaclitic depression, and why he or she should or should not use it in the organization, and why and how? Should leaders cheat?

Question 2: Compete or Collaborate?

Your organization employs 50,000 people. The new CEO wants that the company becomes more innovative. The HR consultant recommends to the CEO to establish a competitive culture in the corporation so that people would compete to do their best. What advice would you offer to the CEO, and why? How would you achieve the best result? Draft an organizational policy to achieve the CEO’s objective using the recommendations you have advised.

Question 3: Crimean War and Leadership:

Having studied the Crimean War, what are some of the leadership lessons you have learned? What advice would you offer to the CEO to avoid leadership errors in a large enterprise?

Question 4: Deming, Quality, and Leadership:

Your new CEO has just learned about poor quality products and services delivered by the organization. S/he wants to know who to blame, and what to do about it? Who is responsible for quality in the enterprise? What is quality? What would you advise to the CEO?

Question 5: Roles, Authorities, and Accountabilities:

Explain the concept of the leadership role, authority, and accountability to the CEO. Is s/he a manager or a leader, and why? Are other managers in the organization leaders or managers?

Question 6: Are You a Good Leader?

In light of everything that you have studied in this course, how could you become a better leader/manager in an organization and your family. What could and should you do in the next 5-10 years to become a better leader to other people?

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