Supply Chain: Article Critique What is the Amazon Effect?, business and finance homework help

This week, your professor assigned you an article to read. Now that you have submitted your summary, it is time to critique the article. In your initial post you are asked to do the following.

What is the Amazon Effect?

Criticize an aspect of the article and write a one-page critique of the article.

Questions to Consider

1) Amazon Effect

  • What is the Amazon Effect?
  • What are the implications for retailers? ..for all companies?
  • How does it position Amazon for growth outside of retailing?
  • What advantages does Wall Street provide Amazon ? Why?

2) Gartner Spend Visibility

  • How much of company spend is typically controlled by Supply Chain organization?
  • How does a Sourcing Team analyze total spend in a category/commodity? ..and total spend by supplier? How can the IT team help?
  • How does your company control spend?
  • What is “tail spend”? How does your company control it?

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