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There are two parts to this week’s written assignment: 

Part 1: Visit at least three motor carrier websites.  Prepare a short report (1 page, double-spaced, 12 point font) discussing the differences and similarities of the sites (look through several parts of the site, not just the front page).  Relate your comparison to the current climate and issues facing the motor carrier industry.  There are many motor carrier sites. Some you might consider are CRST International, J.B. Hunt, FedEx Freight, Schneider National, or YRC Worldwide. You can use others. BE CERTAIN to list your references (that is, cite the webpages) on a separate page, and submit that as well. (15 points).

Part 2: Examine the websites of the American Trucking Associations (yes, it is plural) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Prepare a short report (1 page, double-spaced, 12 point font) discussing the primary focus of each entity.  How are they different?  How are they the same? Again, please provide any needed citations. 

Please use standard, professional English and do not ‘cut and paste’ from the website. Please see the syllabus for information regarding plagiarism. Remember, you can either quote (a short quote) from an article or website, as long as you use quotation marks at the beginning and end, then including the proper in-text citation. For instance, you might use, “The Administration develops standards to test and license commercial motor vehicle drivers” (@usdot, n.d., 2 Oct 2016). Or, rather than a direct quote, you might write:Commercial motor vehicle drivers can get information about how commercial drivers’ license regulations and tests are developed by checking with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (@usdot. n.d., 2 Oct 2016). 

Do you see the difference between the direct quote, and the information in the italicized font? One is direct, or word-for-word. The second is information that you gleaned from reading through the website. NOTE: rearranging words in a sentence and not citing the source is plagiarism. When in doubt, CITE!

Then include this as your full citation:

@usdot. “About Us.” Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Oct. 2016.

n.d. means “no date”, which is fairly common for websites. n.p. means “no publisher”, which is also common for websites. 

I used this site for the citation: (Links to an external site.). Unfortunately, OWLS does not give good information for citing website for the APA style. As long as you list the organization, the name of the site, and the date you accessed the site, that will be sufficient for the full citation. But be sure to include the in-text citation (name, year, date accessed).

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