The Legislative Branch, US Government law assignment help

****Part One

 First, watch the 9 short video clips entitled The Legislative Process, located here Take notes on any information you did not already know.
Next, go to the US House of Representatives Home Page at OR the US Senate Home Page at www.senate.govSelect one of the standing committees, special/select committees, or subcommittees and click on the link.

  • Click on Committees on the top menu bar
  • Select any one of the committees listed in either the House or Senate.
  • Click on the website of the committee you chose. (each committee should have a website that you can go to, if not please choose one that does)
  • Once you are on the website click on either the “subcommittee” or “full committee” tab which will list all of the committee’s members.
  • Then fill in the following in complete sentences.

1. Committee Name – what is the name of the committee you’ve chosen?

2. Who is the CHAIR of the committee?  Briefly describe why you think this person was selected as the chairperson.

****Part Two

1. If a committee “favors” a bill, what are the four actions the committee takes before sending the bill to the full Senate? See “About the Senate Committee System” at

2. What was the most interesting or surprising thing you learned from the committee information?

Part Three

Next, click on “Frequently Asked Questions About Committees.”
Select five questions that you do not know the answer to, or that you would like to learn more about. Write down your questions and then report what you learned about them.

Part Four

Click on some of the links in “News” and “Key Issues” on your chosen committee’s website. These may be under headings worded differently, like newsroom, updates, etc. Identify and explain the variety of issues the committee examines. Choose at least two issues and write at least 500 words in your explanation of both issues. You do not need to write at least 500 words for each issue, but for the two issues together.

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