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The ‘Me’ in Meeting

Step back and reflect on some meetings in which you have participated. 

How did the environment, topic, and participants contribute to the communication at those meetings? 

Did you witness any difficult behaviors (or engage in some) and how were those handled? 

What role do you play generally in meetings? 

How do you facilitate effective communication and shared leadership?


Case Study: Let Me Lead the Way

Select One of the Following:

  1. The Audit Team II
  2. Forgiveness

For this writing assignment, you will select ONE factual case from the list above and you will write a 3-5-page conflict assessment that you will present as a case study.   Assume that you have been asked to analyze the conflict and to lead and coach the individuals into a creative resolution.  In your case study, please make sure to address the following areas:

  1. Describe and analyze the problem(s)
  2. Identify difficult behaviors and potential problems
  3. Generate possible solutions
  4. Evaluate all solutions
  5. Decide on a solution
  6. Develop a plan for the individuals involved that details how to implement a solution
  7. Access the likely success of such a plan
  8. What strategies would you employ as the “coach” in bringing resolution to the table?

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