the relationship of the data to the materials, accounting homework help

I need a Term Paper 9 to 10 Pages on Accounting

You are required to write a 10-page maximum term paper applying some concepts of this course to any organization or industry that they would like to apply these concepts to.  In doing this paper, however, please remain aware that I am NOT asking you to provide or include any confidential information about your organization or individuals within your organization.  Feel free to use a ‘fake’ name AND/OR FAKE NUMBERS for the firm you wish to write about, etc.  Identity aspects are NOT important to your paper.

You can choose any American companies and then find the data from the internet

Please choose a manufacturing company. For – Apple or any manufacturing companies. Let me now what do you choose before you start

Use easy language

Use the attached file then make relationship of the data to the materials covered in the class.

1” margins on all four sides.

1.5 line spacing.

Times-Roman font, 11 point font.

Please make sure to provide all your resources. No plagiarism

Please find the attached files two chapters that covered on the class

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